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Giving to travel scholarships helps students to become global citizens ready to change the world!

The University of Glasgow aims to have 20% of its students participating in international study placements by 2020. We are currently smashing this target with 24% of students taking up international study but we need to increase the funding available to students who can’t afford to make the most of this opportunity. 

Why is international study so important?

The opportunity to see the world beyond Glasgow, meet people from different cultures and explore education from different perspectives is life-changing. Education goes beyond the books and essays. We want to broaden minds and widen horizons.

Travel Scholarships let our students open their eyes to a world of possibilities. By creating opportunities for those with limited financial means to explore the world, travel scholarships allow students from all walks of life to take their education beyond the classroom.

By supporting Travel Scholarships, you can ensure all bright and inquisitive minds have the opportunity to shine, regardless of background or financial means.

Studying and immersing yourself in a whole different culture forces our students to learn and adapt to new environments, it exposes them to new cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking. This is before even considering the benefits of experiencing the home country of a language studied or going to a university who leads in their subject field. What our students return with in terms of knowledge and experience is incredible and continues to set them apart in the working world. But these opportunities are expensive. For students who live at home the costs of living away are a barrier to even considering applying for such an opportunity. With your help we can make sure everyone has the same opportunity!

Our past success

We have been able to support hundreds of students to make the most of these incredible learning opportunities. With the number of students wanting or needing to study abroad for their course, we need to keep increasing the support available to make sure no student is left behind. 

                Amelia - Travelled to Ooty in India to practise & enhance her Veterinary skills

As a Veterinary, Medicine and Surgery student Amelia was able to travel to India to fulfil her dream of visiting India and being able to partake in a neutering/animal birth control programme.  She had always had an interest in animal welfare and wanted to help make a difference. She struggled to gain surgical experience in the UK due to the lack of placement opportunities however this two week animal birth control clinic gave her the chance to develop her skills and gave her the confidence to excel, preparing her for her first job.  

Amelia said: "I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in the WVS animal birth control programme in India. I cannot thank supporters enough for awarding me with this scholarship. You and the WVS team in India have not only provided me with the skills and confidence to perform surgery, but also an amazing personal experience that I will never forget.

            Carmel - Studied at the University of Sydney for a year as part of her degree

Carmel recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, studying for a year at the University of Sydney as part of her degree in Physiology and Sports Science. This was only made possible thanks to a Travel Scholarship and all the donors who supported it.

Carmel says: “My time studying abroad at the University of Sydney was one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my life. The University of Sydney is ranked 2nd for sport related studies worldwide, so continuing my degree here was an amazing opportunity. I was able to further my knowledge in areas I had already encountered and apply my knowledge in clinical and practical settings; something I would never have been able to experience had I not chosen to study abroad.

Given that I live in my family home when at the University of Glasgow, I was nervous about moving away, but one of the best things about the experience was my student accommodation. The building was so friendly, so welcoming and put on so many events that it was impossible not to make lifelong friends. Living in this environment is something I would not otherwise have been able to experience and really impacted my university experience as a whole.  

Without my travel scholarship there are many things I would have missed out on.”

                     Conor - Studied at the University of Texas for a year as part of his degree 

As a history student Conor was able to study abroad for a year as part of his course, it was a great opportunity for him to meet new friends, explore new places and most importantly expand academically. If it wasn’t for the opportunity to learn in a new environment, learn about different histories and thoughts he would not have chosen to study his current masters. This year Conor was placed on the Dean’s list at UT, an achievement he feels was only made possible from what he learned from his opportunity studying abroad.

Conor said: “Studying abroad allows you to try something new that maybe you hadn't when you first joined for whatever reason. It was the highlight of my time at University and something every student should get the opportunity to do, no student should feel they can’t go due to money."

WHERE does your MONEY GO?

Travel Scholarships allow students from areas of social disadvantage to expand their horizons overseas. These scholarships have endless possibilities, some of which are:

  • Studying abroad for a year like Carmel 
  • Attending a summer school to learn a new language and explore a new culture
  • Building a career network at an international conference
  • Practising surgery skills in a completely different environment like Amelia

All of these give our students the chance to transform their university experience!

Each scholarship of £1,000 will enable a student with limited financial means to meet the costs of flights, contribute to accommodation costs and immerse themselves in their new environment.

Help us raise £3,000 to help 3 students next academic year to have a learning experience of a lifetime!


Since you are helping give someone such a rewarding experience, it's only fair you should get a reward to say thank you!

  • £25 - Hand-written thank you postcard 
  • £50 - Personalised video from a student telling you about what your support means to them
  • £100 - Receive a UofG tote bag along with a personalised video and hand-written postcard from a student who received a travel scholarship
  • £500 - 'Tower Tour' - we are offering you an exclusive tour of the University Tower, to view the entire city from the top, and you will receive a UofG goody bag as well! 

Help us succeed!

Please support us and make this opportunity possible for 3 more of our incredible students. It can only happen with your support!

You can support us by sharing our story with as many people as possible! We are well established and we need to build on this just as the University builds on the success of studying abroad – so all gifts, regardless of size, get us one step further.

Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – take to social media or tell a friend over a glass of wine. Every share gets us closer to our goal.

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