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A project by: Lachlan Maclean


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Three brothers rowing the Atlantic for charity

BROAR - An introduction

We are three Scottish brothers who are rowing across the Atlantic Ocean in this year's Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. On the 12th of December, 2019, we'll depart from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to row unsupported across 3,000 miles of open ocean to Antigua in the Caribbean. Our goal is to raise £250,000 for two Scottish based charities, Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar, and to become the first three brothers and youngest trio to row across any ocean.

Who are we?

The Maclean brothers - Jamie (left), Lachlan (middle) and Ewan (right)

We are three brothers from Edinburgh: Lachlan (21) is currently studying Philosophy at the University of Glasgow; Jamie (25) will be entering his final year of study at the Glasgow School of Art next year; Ewan (27) graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2015 and now works as a design Engineer at Dyson down South. 

our story 

This is the challenge of a lifetime rooted in brotherhood and adventure. Having spent a lot of our childhoods on the North West Coast of Scotland, we've always enjoyed pushing each other's boundaries; be it jumping off the nearest coastal cliffs into the sea or rolling down hills in tractor wheels, we've always found new and creative ways of keeping Mum and Dad on their toes. However, this latest ploy is without a doubt the most ambitious and challenging yet - a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with only a few sets of oars as our motor.

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an annual unsupported rowing race across the Atlantic. For 40-60 days, we'll be rowing in continuous shift patterns of 2 hours on the oars/1 hour of rest. We'll be totally unsupported throughout, carrying all of our equipment and provisions for the crossing and making clean water using a solar powered desalinator as we row. The crossing will likely see us through seas reaching 40ft high, a loss in body weight of up to 20% and extreme sleep deprivation resulting in hallucinations. To combat the severe conditions and excursion, we'll be consuming up to 10,000 calories (which we've worked comes to approximately 63 big macs between us every day...) and over the total time at sea we expect to make approximately 1.5 Million strokes on the oars collectively. With all of these facts in mind, it's no surprise that this race is known as the 'world's toughest row'.

Why are we doing this?

What started as a desire to share something out of the ordinary as three brothers has turned into something a lot more. Very early on in the process, we realised the campaign's capacity to raise a huge amount of money and awareness for charity. We're really delighted to be fundraising for two Scottish based charities, Children 1st and Feedback Madagascar. Our goal is to raise £250,000 for these two awesome causes.

We were so lucky to have a loving family who made sure we had a good education and plenty of opportunities growing up - we want to support a charity that will help others receive the same opportunities. Children 1st (formerly the RSSPCC) is Scotland's national children's charity. They provide help and support to families across Scotland who experience trauma and neglect in the early years of life. Our focus will be on promoting Parentline, a support line for parents who have reached breaking point and need help. We hope to extend and improve this service so that it's more readily available across Scotland. Help us give a smile back to those that need it most. 

Our second charity is Argyle based Feedback Madagascar. Lachlan first encountered this charity while backpacking across Madagascar in 2018. One thing that people don't realise about Madagascar is that it's the 7th poorest country in the world. This charity's focus is to work hand in hand with some of the poorest communities in Madagascar to improve their lives and their environment. Our focus is going to be on funding the building of clean water boreholes. 1/5 of the country's toddlers do not reach the age of 5 due to waterborne diseases - we hope to make an impact in addressing this terrible statistic. If we reach our target, for every mile we row across the Atlantic two people will receive clean water for life.

On completion of the race the money from the sale of the boat will be split 50/50 between the two charities. Donors are not only playing a crucial role in helping us to reach the start line but also donating to two great charities.

Where will the money go?

As you can imagine, there are a long list of costs associated with rowing an ocean. In total, we need to raise £125,000 through corporate sponsorship in order to take part in the race. We're about £118,000 of the way to achieving this. If we hit this target, then all of the money recouped upon resale of our boat and equipment (estimate £60,000) will be split between the charities.

Beyond our target of £125,000, all donations will be going straight towards the charities. As mentioned, our charitable fundraising target is £250,000 of which we're approximately half way to achieving - we need all the help we can get.

cost breakdown:

  • Boat and oars - £50,000
  • Race entry fee - £20,000
  • Power sources, navigational equipment & comms - £20,000
  • Shipping - £15,000
  • Watermaker - £5,000
  • Food - £5,000
  • Safety equipment - £5,000
  • Training and mandatory courses - £5,000


See how making a gift can make you a part of Broar. We've got a number of awards to offer to anyone that might support us - check them out!

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Please follow and share our story through our website, social media and word of mouth. Every gift - big or small - can make a difference and can inspire others to support our journey. Sharing our story can inspire others to get involved with our journey too - spreading the word makes this project possible. We'll be sharing frequent updates leading up to and during the race so you can follow how we're getting on.

Facebook: @broaratlantic

Instagram: @broaratlantic

Website: broar.co.uk