GUBC 5k Fundraiser

A project by: Kitty Wilson Farrand


WE RAISED £1,215

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GUBC 5k Boat race fundraiser

So… GUBC are doing a boat race…(virtually)…BUT, there’s a plot twist: You get to pick the boats!

Alongside a donation to our spark funder, you can pick 4 rowers who will all run or row a 5k on the 20th and 21st of February and the fastest boat combination will win! Our sponsorship and fundraising convenor will rank all of the boats and the leaderboard will be posted on our social media.

To enter a boat, click the link to our google form:

Where will the money go?

We will use donations towards the purchase of more rowing machines to help our rowers train from home. Having equipment to train throughout the pandemic has benefitted our athletes physically and mentally - we'd like to have more members accessing equipment. 

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