24/7 Relay Row

A project by: Kitty Wilson Farrand


WE RAISED £4,520

from 132 donors

GUBC 24/7 Relay Row

Our BIG challenge!

Glasgow University Boat Club are rowing a 7 day rowing machine relay (erg) without stopping to sleep! Look out for our rowers and rowing machines on-campus as this challenge will be done under the back-drop of our lovely university. We are getting as many of our members involved as possible so keep an eye on our social media to see all of our grimacing erg-faces! 

Where will the money go?

Support from people like you helped us buy new rowing machines during the pandemic and without this support we would never have been able to keep our team at such a competitive level. Now thanks that support we are ready for racing again - we can't wait to get back to making Glasgow proud but we need your help. You can help our athletes get back out into big crew boats in speed and style. 

Your support will allow us to purchase a set of new blades (oars) for an 8. Whether you can give £5 or £50 every gift gets us a step closer to our goal. If we are lucky enough to raise additional funds these will be put towards the purchasing of blades for the quad boats.

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