Spark Funder is the University of Glasgow’s crowdfunding platform.

Our platform is here to help fund and spark endless possibilities for some of the university's most exciting projects!

Spark Funder allows friends of the University to support creative and innovative projects, sparking endless possibilities for our community. These projects are created by our students, staff and societies.

We review all projects for suitability, judging them on the quality of the presentation of the projects, their goals, and the level of organisation and commitment demonstrated by the teams behind them.

By supporting one of our projects you will help our teams get closer to their goals. You will receive updates about it, you can even leave a comment on the project or send them a message.

What is Crowdfunding?

Spark Funder is the University of Glasgow’s crowdfunding platform. Crowdfunding is sponsorship by a crowd of many donors, each making an individual, small donation in return for a small reward. Spark Funder provides a platform to showcase projects to a potentially huge audience and gives sponsors an easy way to donate.

How Do I Create a Project?

All projects promoted on our crowdfunding platform must first apply through the University’s Chancellor’s Fund. Simply download and complete the application form, submit it through your school or service for consideration. We will be in touch to let you know if your project has been selected. If successful we will work with you to bring your project to life, we will offer advice, tips and feedback along the way.

Who are the sponsors?

Your donors will be individuals such as alumni, friends, and family. Occasionally, they may also be complete strangers! How many people your project reaches is up to you!

Why would people support?

Your project will inspire someone to want to support because they feel they can make a difference through your work, maybe they were involved in something similar and want to help or they might just want to be involved in your success. Only you can tell someone why they should give.

How much can I raise?

There is no ceiling to how much you can raise, and it is common for projects to raise more than their targeted minimum and sometimes more than their funding target! We will work with you to work out how much we think your project could raise.

Are there any fees?

We cover the costs of payment processing fees, so that you always get 100% of the value of your gifts.

Interested in applying? Got more questions?

We’re professional fundraisers and we are here to help your project succeed. We have lots of great ideas and tips to help you with your applications, live projects or even discussing an idea for a new project. If you want to pick our brain, please email our crowdfunding team at